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There are several Australian Immigration and Australian Visa options for potential Australian migrants. Read about the main Australian Visa and Australian migration options.

The site contains extensive information on immigration and all relevant Australian topics regards virtually any aspect of lifestyle, business, employment and much more.

There are two programs designed to help people wanting to come to Australia permanently.

One is the migration program which is made up of:

  • a skill migration stream, which has a number of categories for people who have particular occupation skills, outstanding talents or business skills;
  • a family migration stream, where people can be sponsored by a relative who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • special eligibility migrants, who are former citizens or residents wanting to return to Australia, or certain New Zealanders.
  • Business skills migration for business persons and investors

The other is the Humanitarian Program

  • The second program is the separate humanitarian program which is designed for refugees and others in special humanitarian need. A major component of the humanitarian program is the offshore resettlement Program, which assists people in humanitarian need overseas for whom resettlement in another country is the only option.
  • The onshore protection component is for those people already in Australia who arrived on temporary visas or in an unauthorised manner, and who claim Australia’s protection.

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