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Medical & Health Issues

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Applicants for most types of visas for Australia are required to meet health requirements, amongst other prescribed criteria, before a visa can be granted. All applicants for permanent migration visas are required to undergo a full medical examination and chest x-ray with a "panel doctor" (see below) before a visa can be granted. Some applicants for temporary stay visas may also be required to undergo one or both examinations, or provide a "fitness to travel" letter from a doctor before a visa can be granted.

All children / dependents included in your application aged 11 + must undertake full medicals and X-ray examination.

All the persons included in your application as well as all of your dependents (even if they are not included in your application) MUST undertake a medical exam, and must "pass" the medical. If one fails, all fail - and the visa will be refused.

Who is a dependent ?

a dependent is any person included in your application e.g. a partner / spouse as well as children. Dependents can also include an aged parent if that parent is included in your application

Dependents do NOT include people other than those included in your application. Note however, that you can not exclude a member of your family unit e.g. a dependent child or partner.

If you have questions regards your dependents, discuss this with your consultant

Why would you fail a medical ?

Certain medical conditions e.g. TB will result in an immediate refusal of your application. Other conditions, including HIV, cancer and certain disabilities (physical or mental disability) may potentially result in a visa refusal.  If you are concerned, please contact us to discuss your position.


The Australian Government has designated a group of medical practitioners and radiologists, commonly known as "panel doctors", to conduct medical examinations on its behalf. A list of panel doctors is available from ASA.

Please note: Female doctors are included in the list of panel doctors. A woman has the right to have a chaperone present during the examination if desired. Children should be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during all medical examinations.


If you have been asked to provide a doctor's letter, testifying to your fitness to travel to Australia, you can obtain the letter from any GP. That is, it does not have to be from a panel doctor. The doctor's letter should comment on your fitness to travel to Australia, to remain for the proposed length of stay and to return to your home country. If the doctor has identified a health condition, she/he should comment on how the condition is being treated and how it is to be managed in Australia.



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