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Skilled migration - business owners - spouse visas - speak with a real person, not a computer assessment:

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Register into your Client Area. Watch for the email notification sent back to you. Log back in to your Client Area, post a message in your 'online communication' section and your own assigned consultant will reply within 24 hours, and go through the options in detail, personally and specifically for your situation - at no cost.

For those of you considering visiting an Australian Migration Expo, then do consider: -
  • the cost of a migration expo
  • the time it will take (a whole day?)
  • what level of PERSONAL, RELEVANT, and DETAILED information will you receive at the migration expo?
  • bear in mind that if you expect to be able to go such an Australian migration expo and speak to interested employees, this have never been the case, aside perhaps for mining workers

However, we now focus on one to one, private personal consultations, where we travel around the country (we give personal consultations in the UK, South Africa, the USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE and other countries besides, with teams based on those countries and experts from Australia) and meet you in a more personal, private, yet relaxed and highly informative meeting.

At Australia Migration Expos, you will mainly see currency exchange companies, shipping companies, and be able to speak for a few minutes with migration companies, if you can fight to snatch their time.

For a full assessment which is only done by a real person - NOT an automated assessment - then please just register into your own Client Area, and you will be contacted by an experienced Australia visa expert.

After you register, just watch your email inbox (or junk / spam if it gets sent there) for the notification. Then you can go back in to your Client Area and speak with your consultant in the 'online communication' area, by posting your message and getting a reply back within a day.




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