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After you have registered online, you will receive an initial free Australian visa appraisal, outlining your potential visa options, together with basic feedback on your position, compiled by one of our expert consultants.


While your free Australian visa appraisal report was compiled by an actual human being (that reviewed your personal information submitted when you registered and completed the “wizard" section), you can appreciate that we are not able to compile an accurate report for you based on the limited information and data you submitted.

Whether an Australian business owner visa, or an Australian work visa, the details are distinct for a visa to Australia, with an Australian visa assessment.

There are several unknowns at this point, and we may have a few questions and detail that we need clarified before we would be able to give you a detailed and accurate report on your visa to Australia. (The specific criteria and regulations of the Migration Act of Australia demand that you must submit substantially more background information for our team to consider, before we make a final determination and recommendation. This is true for an Australian business owner visa, an Australian work visa, or any type of skilled visa or other)

The only way for me to give you the assurance that you will meet the Australian visa criteria, is to obtain substantially more information from you to consider when you may emigrate to Australia.

The most efficient way to get this data from you, would be for you to proceed to a detailed assessment (full assessment).

This will give us all (or most) or the required data and background information we need to do a full assessment for you, about your move to Australia and your Australian visa assessment.

Why should you be formally assessed?

We believe in actual human review of all submitted data of an applicant, and all relevant factors in relation to the highly complex visas for Australia and specific requirements of the Australian Migration Act.

  • Our organisation has over 150 years of combined experience in Australian migration law. While we have implemented the most advanced client management system and online service facility in the industry (globally), we still believe that each case has its own individual circumstances and specifics that have to be reviewed by a human expert.
  • Online assessments (computer generated), online points tests, website information and guides provided by DIBP are ONLY indications. They do not take into account any specifics or the underlying requirements for your unique circumstances in relation to the Migration Act.
  • Completing and submitting a full formal assessment gives you the assurance that your data has been carefully and expertly considered by highly skilled and experienced immigration consultants - we can then review and consider all your background information to the specifics applicable to your future application
  • Before you spend money on an application, facing the very real possibility of loosing time and money (a large number of DIY applications fail), your consultant will be able to advise you in detail whether you are in fact able to apply for a visa, what you would need to evidence to succeed in an application, and where the potential risks are in your application.
Let's get you assessed for your Australian visa then !
  1. In your clients area, under the menu item "formal assessment", select (click) the "GET ASSESSED" link.
  2. Start by completing each of the sections (on your right) that may be applicable to you
  3. Make sure you save each section before continuing to the next section, and ensure that you complete each section in detail
  4. When you have completed all your details, tick off ALL the tick boxes, and then press SUBMIT to submit your data to your consultant
  5. Your assessment report will be compiled and uploaded to your client area within 24 hours (Monday to Friday), and your consultant will contact you should he or she require additional information from you.
  6. Your report will include:
    • detailed cost breakdown for your application,
    • Expected processing times.
    • Your best visa option (or options)
    • Detail relevant to your application
    • Notes on requirements for your application

We will talk with you about specifics of your Australian visa assessment.

We look forward to assisting you further and to providing you with the expert (and friendly) support you demand from us as your visa for Australia consultants.

See you in your client area! (And remember, the VS team will be there to respond to your questions, concerns and queries nearly 7 days a week)

Best wishes,

The Visa Solutions online assessment team

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